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Homes on the Prarie: The Real Life Saga and Travels of the Ingalls Family

There are very few people who haven't heard of Laura Ingalls Wilder or Little House on the Prairie! Thanks to her books and the television show that followed, we have been able to get a glimpse into the life of these pioneers. In reality, Laura's story begins long before she was even born. Where did her family come from and what prompted them to move from a little house in the woods of Wisconsin into the uncharted frontier of South Dakota.  Learn the true story of Laura and her family as we compare and contrast the books and television series with what really happened in their lives.   Join me in discovering the ups, downs, triumphs, and tragedies of this beloved family.


Korczak Ziolkowski: Storyteller in Stone

Without Korczak, there would be no Crazy Horse Memorial. Its story will always revolve around this man and his family. From his early days in an orphanage to his winning sculpture at the 1929 World's fair, Korczak's legacy is one of extraordinary art and dedication to his craft. Join me as I share his journey, why he was chosen to build the Crazy Horse Memorial and what his family has done to continue his work.


Earl Hamner Jr.: Goodnight John Boy

You can't think of Earl Hamner Jr and not think of the Walton's. The television show he helped bring to the masses changed the scope of television in the 1970's. The story of a family who lived in the hills of Virginia during the depression was an instant hit. Through his own writings and those of others, we will discover that Mr. Hamner was more than just The Walton's.  His work in writing and television spanned decades and the legacy he built lives on today, not just on T.V but in the small town of Schuyler, VA where a museum now fills the old grade school. Join me in discovering the man, his life, his work and the people he loved.


A Woman's Courage: Pioneering Woman Across the United States

We hear many stories about men on the frontier but what about the women who helped to pioneer this great nation? They weren't just along for the ride. In fact, they worked as hard as any man. Whether settling in Illinois, Kansas or even the Dakota's these women became homesteaders, schoolmarms, and wilderness mothers as well as wives. They dealt with shootouts, Indian raids, blizzards and more. Journey with me to a time and place where women survived with grit and determination few of us understand today.


Wilder's West: New York, South Dakota and Beyond

Meet the man who would one day be married to Laura Ingalls.  Discover what life was like for Almanzo Wilder and his family while living in Malone, NY. Follow Almanzo and his siblings down the highways of their lives.  Get to know Eliza Jane like never Before! Theirs was a family full of love and had hearts full of dreams but would they ever be realized?